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Are you harvest ready?

Updated: May 15

We are NOT open yet! Watch for an update in your emails and on social media.... soon, soon!

Berries are sizing, coloring, and gaining sugar!

We are gearing up to see you all again this year and thought we would share some tips and tricks on how to be harvest ready.

What's New?

This year the check in has moved! We will give you buckets and ring you up in the new barn. Also, there will be a couple picnic tables under the eave of the barn and you are welcome to bring snacks or a light lunch. Please pick up all your trash or packaging and put it in the bins provided. Keeping the field clean is a top priority. Don't forget to slow speeds to no more than 5 mph when driving through! Not only is this safe for all the people moving around, but it helps keep dust off the berries.

What to bring?

  • A cooler for your berries if you have a long drive home

  • Sunglasses/Sunscreen

  • Appropriate shoes for walking in the field

  • Water/Hydration source

  • Lots of friends!

What not to bring?

  • Furry friends

  • Glass objects/bottles

  • Fevers/sickness

  • Smoking devices

Off-Site Events

Lodi: You can now find us outside the field every Thursday at the Lodi Farmer's Market on Thursday nights. Please stop by our booth to say hello and check out what goodies we have with us.

Plymouth: We are excited to be a part of the Berry Festival this year! Please stop by the booth and say hello.

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