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Harvest is underway!

Our second harvest is well underway here at LoCA Blueberry Farm. With the valley heat on deck and warmer weather headed our way, more and more berries will be ripening. Hot valley weather = super sweet blueberries! I guess there is at least one good thing about the heat right?


We have a couple new feature items at check out this year. Our bee partners at Backroad Beekeeping make delicious blueberry creamed honey and we have that for purchase this season as well as local cherries from the Solari Family.


We are open Thursday - Sunday from 8am to 1pm and closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We have already seen so many familiar faces and can't wait to see yours! Remember whoever picks the biggest berry gets to eat, hold the bag on the way home!

LoCA Blueberry Farm

5288 W Kile Road

Lodi, CA 95242

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