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Introducing "Blue"

At LoCA, rescued is our favorite breed and Blueberry “Blue” is no exception. In an effort to combine our love of all thing’s blueberry and our ongoing efforts to support homeless dogs, Blue was created as our mascot. Our hope is to bring education to the community concerning the epidemic of stray and sheltered animals in the central valley.

April 1st, 2021 a dog was found chained to a gas tank on a rural property in North Stockton. You could see every bone in his body laden with ticks and he could barely stand. He was extremely dehydrated and needed lots of care. The Stockton Animal Shelter gave him medical care and sent him home with a foster family to start his recovery. It would be a long road as he was at least 10 years old with severe arthritis and very bad teeth. Renamed Milo, he started eating good food, taking medication, and getting lots of love. Two years later Milo is healthy and happy with his foster, turned forever family and their other dogs. LoCA’s mascot Blue was born with Milo’s story in mind.

You will see Blue around the Farm and on new products!

We hope that Blue will help us educate the community about the many ways you can get involved to help homeless dogs. If you would like to learn more about what you can do, please visit

Donate to help homeless dogs here:


In other news, the berries are getting big and coloring nicely! Not only that, there are LOTS of them! We can't wait to see you all again this year and we would love to know how you heard about us. Take a second to let us know.....

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