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It's getting HOT out here!

We are picking this weekend but it will be over 100 degrees Saturday and Sunday. Please come early and bring water with you! Sunscreen and a hat are really good options as well. When the heat index climbs over 90 degrees we will shut down for the day. We want everyone to pick safely! Don't forget if you are driving more than a few minutes to come see us, bringing a cooler for your berries to go home in is a good idea.

We still have lots of berries out in the field and are hoping for

2 to 3 more weeks of picking!


Thursday - Sunday 8am to 1pm (unless it's over 90 degrees)

In other news, we are proud to announce our new water system is up and running! Not only is this easier for us to turn it on and off and control water amounts, but it is also using less electricity. This is just another part of our move toward regenerative agriculture.

LoCA Blueberry Farm

5288 West Kile Road, Lodi, CA 95242

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