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Mother Nature came in with her boots on!

2023 has been an assortment of crazy weather so far. Flooding, wind, freezes, and hail are all generally bad news for farms and we got our fair share! The wind whipped through here and stripped the leaves completely off the berries and for a while we had quite the lake. A blueberry field doesn't make a great spot for paddle boating, so we pumped it out. Luckily, we made it through with no botrytis (fungus) and are looking forward to an amazing year!

We had to go all the way to Modesto to find bees for the bloom this year. Unfortunately because of all the rain, there have been widespread hive deaths. Despite all the issues this year, the crop is looking amazing and the bees currently out there are working hard to pollinate and bring us yummy berries! We can't wait to share harvest with you this year!

Don't forget harvest season is typically mid May to mid June and you can follow Farmer Gary and the berries all year long on our Facebook Page!

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1 Comment

Jim Linderman
Jim Linderman
Mar 09, 2023

GREAT newsy report! thanks so much for the easy , informative post! keep them coming. No, i didn’t know about hive -deaths and weather. .. etc. google here i come!

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