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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Even though it's winter, we are busy getting things ready for the next harvest. We have been building owl boxes to put up in the field. Did you know that owls can consume 1,000-3,000 rodents in a year?! Integrated pest management is part of our commitment to reduce our use of chemicals on our property. One of our varieties, Spring High is already pushing blossoms. We can't wait to see all of you this summer during our second harvest! Until then, we'll keep you updated with all our happenings and I'll keep beating Farmer Gary at horseshoes.... -Cara

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3 comentarios

Gary Federico
Gary Federico
06 dic 2020

@crishwain I made the boxes. Materials per box ran about $100 each & they probably took about 4 hours of time each (learning curve included). Feel free to email Thanks!

Me gusta

Hi! It’s so nice to hear from you Cara, wow I never would have thought the blooms would already be there, I can’t wait for harvest time! Congrats on the horseshoes, keep it up!😜🏆

Me gusta

Can you recommend where you purchased the owl boxes? I am interested in adding a few to our almond orchard.

Me gusta
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