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What's all that buzz?

We are all hard at work here on the farm, but especially our friends the bees. We depend on the bees to pollinate our blueberries. Did you know that there can be up to 10 million flowers per acre? That is a lot of work for the bees! The good news is a single adult female can visit up to 50,000 blueberry flowers, resulting in more than 6,000 ripe blueberries. Yes Please!


Our first load of wood chips arrived and we will place them down on the berms to help retain moisture, prevent erosion, and add organic material to the soil. This also helps to reduce weeds which minimises the amount of spraying we have to do. Biological weed control is a natural, safe farming practice.


In other news, we now have 4 owl boxes full. Since a family of owls can consume over 3000 rodents per year, they are a welcome addition to the farm. Integrated pest management is just another way we show our dedication to sustainable farming practices.


We are excited to see you and your families soon here on the farm!


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2 Yorum

We are looking forward to those delicious berries, does it look like they will be ready to pick by the middle of May?


That is so interesting about the owls

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